Chocolate Milk Cookies – Trippy Flip Milk Bars

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Chocolate Milk Cookies

Chocolate Milk Cookies
We’ve taken the classic Milk and cookies and gave it a blissful dunk to alleviate your mind and body from excessive stress. The rich Belgian milk chocolate deepens with its roasted cocoa flavor and seductive caramel notes combined with a buttery cookies, mild hints of cinnamon and earthy tones of psilocybe cubensis. Creates tranquil ambiances or dosing to the next level of awakening

Chocolate Milk Cookies Online


stronger emotion ranging from good to bad many recommend not resisting these emotion in either direction. rather let them run their course many who report strong negative emotion experiences a simultaneous sees of calm and acceptances. Many who report strong negative emotion experience a simultaneous sense of calm and acceptances they find themselves detached from these emotion especially if they remind themselves that the emotions are temporary. this is representative of Escher’s exploration of the concept of infinity and geometry the mushrooms, gummies ,chocolate also serve as a metaphor for the idea of life being an endless loop symbolizing the infinite cycle of birth, death, and rebirth


the geometric shapes that make up the composition suggest a sense of order amidst chaos as sn exploration of mans relationship to this own environment


this gummies to know that this open so many eyes and changing so many peoples perpective with this amazing god given medicine lets us know we are on the right path


i have been honestly been too afraid to ever do this but mostly based on the fact experience and even tho i didnot feel the effects anymore.the experience ,stuck with me and made interacting with people extremely god like which felt trippy everything i read indicates hausofutopia gummies is a great way to get the full medical benefits from your cannabis it is very good in favors


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